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Test Endpoints

ESnet endpoints: esnet#anl-diskpt1, esnet#lbl-diskpt1, esnet#bnl-diskpt1, and esnet#cern-diskpt1; test files in /data1 directory. These are read-only endpoints with datasets varying in size and number of files; they are useful for testing network performance.
Globus test endpoints: go#ep1, go#ep2; these have a 10MB quota and are used mostly to validate that a new Globus account is working.

Exercise 1: Account Signup

  1. Go to:
  2. Create your Globus account.
  3. Validate your e-mail address.
  4. Optional: Login with your campus/InCommon identity.

Exercise 2: Transfer, Sharing, Group Management

  1. Install Globus Connect Personal.
  2. Move file(s) from esnet#anl-diskpt1 to your laptop.
  3. Create a shared endpoint on your laptop.
  4. Grant your neighbor permissions on your shared endpoint.
  5. Access your neighbor’s shared endpoint.
  6. Go to and search for group named BioIT2015. Click Join the Group.

Exercise 3: Transferring data from a Sequencing center

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Browse and Get Data using Globus Online tool on the left hand panel.
  3. Start typing the name of the endpoint: sulakhe#SequencingCenter.
  4. Log in to the endpoint with username "genomics", password "globus".
  5. Select the the forward Exome files under Exome-seq-sample data and click Execute.
  6. Repeat the above step for reverse file.

Exercise 4 : Exome Analysis Workflow

  1. Login to
  2. Copy "dbsnp" and "1000G" files from: "Shared Data -> Data Libraries -> Reference Data Library" (into same history.)
  3. On the Main page, click on the "Workflow for Illumina Exome-Seq" and "import workflow".
  4. Run Workflow: Click Workflow tab and select the imported Exome workflow and click "Run".
  5. Input Parameters: Select appropriate input files (Forward & Reverse as well as reference files for each step.
  6. Click "Run Workflow" button.

Exercise 5

Try the Exome Workflow with Transfers jobs as inputs (Under Published Workflows).

Exercise 6: Batch submission

Useful Links

Optimizing Your Storage Systems for Data Management Services

Feel free to contact the presenters if you have questions or would like additional information:

Ravi Madduri - madduri-at-mcs-dot-anl-dot-gov
Dina Sulakhe - sulakhe-at-uchicago-dot-edu
Alex Rodriguez - arodri7-at-uchicago-dot-edu
Paul Dave - pdave-at-uchicago-dot-edu