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Globus Transfer

Globus provides a secure, unified interface to your research data. Use Globus to 'fire and forget' high-performance data transfers between systems within and across organizations.

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Globus Sharing

With Globus, subscribers can easily and securely share data with the people who need it—without requiring you to create temporary accounts or transfer your data to an external storage system.

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Manage Protected Data

Globus offers higher assurance levels for protected data, including HIPAA, PII, PHI and CUI data, so subscribers can easily manage this data and share it securely and appropriately with collaborators.

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Connect to Other Storage

Globus supports all POSIX-compliant file systems, and with the premium service and the required connector many other diverse on prem and cloud storage systems can be accessed in the same way, simply by installing the required connector.

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Globus Platform

The Globus platform enables developers to provide robust file transfer, sharing, search, and automation capabilities within their own research data applications and services, while leveraging advanced identity management, single sign-on, and authorization capabilities.

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Globus Auth

Globus Auth is a foundational identity and access management platform service designed to address unique needs of the science and engineering community.

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Globus Search

The Globus Search service enables storage of metadata with fine grained access control on creation, modification, and visibility, and metadata retrieval through search queries.

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Globus Flows

Globus Flows is a foundational service for defining and executing secure, reliable automated data flows at scale.

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Integrate with Portals and Gateways

Use the Globus service to integrate into portals, science gateways and applications. Learn how Globus can help you accelerate the development of your own great portals, applications and automations.

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