Want to help deliver high quality solutions for research communities in fields such as astronomy, climatology, high-energy physics, genome analysis, chemistry, biology, and material science?

Join the Globus team!

Globus is a non-profit project, run like a startup. We develop and operate a large-scale software-as-a-service used by tens of thousands of researchers to manage their large–and growing–data sets. In just a few short years, Globus has become the preferred way to transfer and share big data for hundreds of institutions. There are over 10,000 Globus endpoints around the world, moving over 1 petabyte of data every week. We're excited by the impact Globus is having on science and discovery, and we're sure you will be too.

Our office is located at 401 North Michigan Ave., right in the heart of downtown Chicago. We offer competitive packages with great benefits and flexible work hours. Apply for one of the open jobs below and help us take Globus to the next level!

Engage with IT and research computing professionals at universities, national labs, federal agencies, and other non-profit research and education organizations, to expand the Globus subscriber base and make Globus self-sustaining.

We seek an individual who is passionate about transforming the way that science is done, to develop and execute marketing and outreach programs, with ultimate responsibility for lead generation, branding, creative, digital, and public relations.